Kuang Si Waterfall

Located 45 minutes from Luang Prabang town, pass through local villages and teak plantations to reach Kuang Si Waterfall which is one of the most amazing natural attractions in Laos.
Luang Prabang Library

Luang Prabang Library is worth to visit for tourists who want to interact in a positive way with children. This library aims to promote reading to children living in the villages along the Mekong River in Laos.
Wat Sene Temple

Maintaining a lot of unique structures, Wat Sene is known as the oldest temple in Luang Phrabang.
Handicraft Night Market in Luang Phrabang

Handicraft night market in Luang Phrabang is an amazing sight and offers the most extensive collection of handicrafts in the country.
Pak Ou caves in Luang Phrabang

Location: Pak Ou Caves are situated two hours upstream or 25km from Luang Prabang. The Pak Ou (also written Pakou) Caves are one of the most treasured religious symbols of the Louang Prabang Province. Situated upstream...
The Morning Market

This small market is the Laotian "supermarket" where they come to buy their fruit, vegetables and meat, which are proposed in showcases which are not always very hygienic.   Very active as from 8 o’clock in...
Ban Phnom

A little more than a mile from the Phon Phau Temple, this small and very typical village exists mainly due to the manufacture of woven goods which they expose on the night market. This village...
Wat Xieng Thong

Luang Prabang's best-known and most visited monastery is centered on a 1560 sim that's considered a classic of local design. Its roofs sweep low to the ground and there's an idiosyncratic 'tree of life'...
Royal Palace Museum

The Royal Palace Museum in Luang Prabang (also known as “Haw Kham” or "Golden Hall") was once Laos’ Royal Palace. It houses a lot of interesting historical items. Every item tells a story...so you...
Wat Mai

The Wat Mai Suwannaphumaham or Wat Mai (New Monastery) is one of the biggest and most beautiful temples in Luang Prabang. Its central position (in front of the night market and beside the Royal...

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