About Us

We have gained much experience in the field of international and domestic travel. With dynamic, enthusiastic, extensively experienced and multilingual staff, such as English, French and Chinese, we are always willing to help our clients in all circumst

ances and urgent cases. With an enthusiastic and professional service style, we would like to bring special tour programs to customers from the hearts of our tour operators and staff. We are committed to providing services of the highest quality to customers and ensuring that customers experience satisfaction and unforgettable moments when traveling with us.

As a tourism consultancy, we understand that what customers want to have is an itinerary of customized and quality services. We, consultants of Tours, will help you to design a unique tour schedule based upon your expectations along with the consultation of experienced local travel experts. You will find a friendly and reliable service when working with us, which plays a very important role in trip enjoyment. Our consultants have deep knowledge about the region and enthusiasm which will help you experience Indochina, especially, Luang Prabang.

You are traveling with the company where the safety of customers is considered “first priority”. With Vietnam, Laos is also voted as one of the safest destinations in the world. We also advise customers of suitable travel health insurance before joining the journey.

We have established a long-term relationship with service suppliers which ensures not only competitive prices but also service quality.

We will bring you to large travel sites. You can be sure that wherever you go, tour guides will be side by side with you and meet your needs immediately.